Harky It is Sparky
170212 Sunday — Second Post of Yummy Eggs!

170212. Eggs are good eaten with Bacon crumbs cooked into them.

Yum yum yum!

Eggs are cooked to the consumer's preferred hardness.

170212 Sunday — First Post of Juicy Bacon

170212. Bacon is good for Sandwiches.

This is my Post. of the Post I shall boast!


160601 Wednesday — Elkien3 Intro

170601. Elkien3 Intro.

This is a 12-second intro video clip.

For this to work, you'll need an HTML5 compatible browser. Allow maybe 5 seconds for the clip to start playing. You should hear sound; this video is an MP4 file (with Ogg fallback) that includes both audio and video streams.

To stop the video, press the stop button in the lower left corner of the video window.

After the video starts, the video controls may disappear. To get the controls back, move the mouse over the area where the video window was located.

This post uses elkien3.css to make the video window responsive. In other words, the video width should grow or shrink as the browser window does.